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Yung Wavy

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Yung Wavy is an up and coming music artist, from the South Bay, San José, CA. At 18 years old he started writing his own lyrics to beats he’d find or even made by his friends. One of Yung Wavy's most imfamous tracks is Kamikaze Produced by Pablo Price. Yung wavy didn’t always know he wanted to be a music artist; he also skateboards, dances, and is always makin’ moves towards his next adventure.

With Yung Wavy now, just turning 20 years old, he is definitely woke and informative of the music industry he is getting himself into. A long term goal of his is to earn his own record label or possibly even his own production studio, where new artists can come in and produce music for what it is. Yung Wavy is well aware of what the music industry hides from the public eye, and having his own label and studio he can help the new upcoming artist to have a safe place to Produce music, without having to go through the toxic music industry, but just solely focus on the music at hand itself. Click Here to check out YUNG WAVY's Sound Cloud.

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