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Sadie Williams

Updated: Mar 29

Sadie Williams is a recent Grad student in the state of New York. About 10 years ago a black man was shot and killed by police officers. As a child, Sadie watched the whole things unfold on television. When charges and indictment were read against the officers who killed the child, there were no charges against the men involved. As a child, Sadie asked her mother, “Mommy, why didn’t they-“ which is when her mother responded, “The world, just sometimes, it’s always on our side.” And from there Sadie felt like she needed to be the change that the world and the black community so badly needed. Her mission was to get into the criminal justice system, in order to be that representation people of color were missing. So many people turn a blind eye when a human being is treated badly. As well as the situation being quickly forgotten. But as soon as one of their loved ones is sick, attacked, or worse, everyone wants condolence and support. This is a woman who supports men, women, children, straight, LGBT+, human beings as a whole.

She is currently a part of the justice system in New York helping victims of a variety of crimes. I would be triggered by many of the experiences she hears and encounters. But she does what she can to be that support that many people don’t get and are many of times, overlooked.

Sadie has her own Youtube channel and I commend her for putting herself out there. She told me; “Use the criticism that you get, if it’s constructive, use it as growth.” Even the haters. “What you’re passionate about may not align with what they are passionate for.” But something about them gravitated them to you, and they took the energy to hate, then do what you will in response but be smart about it. Sadie does vlogs, lifestyle videos, and even table talks. She’s hoping to get other Youtubers to share thoughts with on topics like Mental Health, Business Building, and finding positive outlets in life. She’s met fellow creators on Facebook pages she plans on virtually collaborating with, and just putting herself out there to connect with her like-minded people.

Sadie's Instagram: @majestic_melaninxo

Sadie's Youtube: Majestic Melanin

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