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Bienvenido! Insurance Agency

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Bienvenido Insurance is insurance for auto, home, business, life insurance, you name it. Bienvenido Insurance Services LLC is currently located in San Antonio, Texas, but will soon make its way all over the map. As someone who feels that many company’s say they are helping or saving me money, but with service fees, annual fees, and more I feel like some companies are doing the exact opposite. Having a black-owned insurance company gives me the feeling of safety and security that I won’t be screwed over, or even unnecessarily charge. It is a more secure feeling to know your Uncle, cousin, aunt, or sister is looking after your pockets. At least the family who has your best interest at heart.

After speaking with Shaheed Bradford, the owner of Bienvenido, we spoke about a lot; forgiveness, the present, the past, and even grief. He understood not everyone, his parents included, is going to be happy with the choices he makes as an adult. But Shaheed stands for unity, family wealth, and happiness. Bienvenido Insurance was created in order for him to creating black wealth within his family. Having black wealth opens up doors and allows light to shine through places, that some may not have even thought to look before. Creating a business is the example for his kids to have their own, to be responsible for their own, and to be accountable for their words and actions. He mentions, "[as] a grown-ass man when it comes down to it, whatever happens to me now moving forward is now on me.”

Shaheed’s experience with his family made him come eye to eye with mental health. He is mindful of how he can be a better parent to his children. When a parent is aware of, or have some sort of knowledge of mental health they already have the advantage which many do not. This provides a mentally safe space for individuals to grow, learn and develop. He is aware of why he thinks the way he does, why he sets the rules he has for his children and reflects on how it all affects them.

Many people do not understand the strength of their words and actions. There are many people who are energy draining because they see you happy and want to bring you down a notch or two. There will be people who want to one-up you. There will always be people who don’t want to see you happy, who don’t want to see you succeed, who don’t want you to build wealth in your family. And to those people, use that energy to ignite a fire from within. You have to do the work to fight through it, to find your purpose, where you’re most needed, and how you can change the world.

Mental Health is constantly overlooked. Many of times people do not know the severity of mental health and how important it is to maintain its stability. As well as, how it can affect those around them. Having “thick skin” is a myth. Being able to deflect negativity and unconstructive criticism is a skill to be commended but is simply a strength within the mind. But the reality is we all have a story. We have all been through some rough times. You never know where your words and actions can mentally take someone.

As a black father, as a black man in America, I thank Shaheed. I thank him for being the father that many people need. I thank Shaheed for his mindfulness and open-mindedness about mental health and how to approach it. I thank Shaheed for providing us with an insurance company that will have your greatest interest.

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