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Eureka! SJ Warrior

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Kiana has been at the fore front line of many of protests in San Jose. She is, in fact, the President & Founder of Hero Tent (Human Empowerment, Racial Optimism). She has only lived here for 3 years and has made such an impact in the city. Kiana is an activist for San Jose and a part of an organization called Hero Tent. They come out to protests and demonstrations all around the South Bay, and other states to protect demonstrators, educate protestors on how to be safe, supply water, sanitizer, and food to not just protestors, but the unhouse and anyone who comes to their Feed The Block events on Saturdays. Kiana is out here helping refuel the community. This woman is out in the streets protecting, helping, witnessing people and situations from those who want to get rid of San Jose natives, all while not being a native herself. It is important that we have people helping defend the city. So many people are being forced to move away due to job searches, expensive housing, and more. Therefore, anyone who is willing to speak out on these topics, help those who can’t help themselves, is what the people of San Jose need.

You’re probably wondering why this title begins with “Eureka!” well that’s because Kiana is originally from Eureka California. She moved out to San Jose, on her own, 19 years old, knowing no one here. Visiting the San Jose airport once as a child sold her alone on the city, how adorable. Kiana embodies Royalty with her big heart and courage. Kiana is so humble and instinctively kind and helpful to those who need it. She is someone who will stand up for human beings in need and want to take action and do something when she sees someone being mistreated. Kiana has had the chance the study abroad in the Finland. She is inspiring, informing and educating not only those in the Bay Area but also those who are not even in the United States. Kiana shares quite a bit of her experiences through live footage. Her engagement with authority is empowering to watch.

No matter what city, what state, or where you are Kiana has so much helpful information on how to safely fight for justice. She has an abundance of information on what to wear, what to bring, what to not bring, and how to prepare for protests and simply standing your grounds with authorities. Please be safe, whether you are going to a protest, going to the grocery store, or just standing up for someone PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE, Stay safe, be smart, and know your rights.

Kiana's Instagram

You can always find a link in her bio on how to help contribute.

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