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Artsy Hollow - Character Designer

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Artsy Hollow is an illustrator who has a focus in character design. Artsy Hollow has been exercising her artistic skill since she was a child. By the time it was time to head off to college, she wanted to study Art but was told not to invest in an art degree, so instead majored in International Relation. Eventually, her artistic calling was too strong, therefore, she majored in Animation. It was during her studies in Animation did she learn that she wanted to create animated characters for young children of color. She also opened up about how she wanted to create a zine of her own, and how she’s inspired by black women “amping” up other black women. She also mentions inspirations that many of us grew up with, she mentions; “I want to do for kids what Garnet (Steven Universe), Doc McStuffins, Jake Long (American Dragon), Miles Morales (Marvel) and Miguel (Coco) did for so many other kids. I want kids to be able to see themselves in media from an early age so that they don't have to feel like an "other". So that they don't have to question who they are and where they come from.” Click here to check our more of Artsy Hollow and her artistic work

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