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Matty the Artist

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Here we have Matty Heimgartner. Matty is a mixed media artist who has a focus in drawing and painting. In 2016 an old classmate of his posted on social media that they were looking for someone to collaborate with on a work of art. Matty volunteered. He was an English major but he wanted to contribute artistically. Once the project was completed, Matty had partaken in his first gallery piece. From this experience, he knew where his heart was.

Matty initially majored in English, with a minor in Art. Matty had been drawing since he was 7. He had even created two characters with very detailed lives; their age, birthday, careers, wedding plans, family, and so on. He aspired to eventually write a book about the two characters. In 2016 when he discovered his love for art and decided to change his major, his school counselor surely did not approve.

Matty is currently working on preparing for Grad School. He desires to connect with his art with people; his desired audience as well as those who need help. For all ages, he wishes to share this alternative way of expressing themselves, through the expression/and how art makes them feel. He wants to do that with adults.

To those aspiring artists of any kind, Matty highly encourages to, just do it. Do what you love, and love what you do. He believes it’s important you collide what it is you do for work and what you love to do. When it doesn’t feel like work, you’ll never want to clock out.

Matty's Instagram

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