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Happy Earth Day

In April we have

Easter / Resurrection Day - 4/4

National Look Up at the Sky Day 4/14

The Infamous 420 - 4/20

The beautiful Earth Day 4/22

In April we have quite a couple of days simply honoring mother nature one way or another. As much sunlight, beautiful greenery, fresh air, and cool breezes all provided by the queen herself.

When it comes to ways of giving back to mother nature, there is quite a bit we can do. Though not everyone can transition into zero-waste entirely, I am sure there are some subconscious sustainable living in which you incorporate into your own life. Have a drawer or is the cabinet under the sink full of plastic bags ready to be reused? Do you have a pickle jar or candle that is no longer being used for its intended purposes? I know I do; my pickle jar is currently holding my used cooking grease, and an empty candle jar now holds the collection of pens I’ve accumulated from who knows where. As well as, any old clothing that no longer fits my style or wardrobe, is donated directly to an individual who can sport it without hesitation.

Sarah is a woman who has worked in the fashion, advertising, and music industry for many years. Now, she has a brand of her own, Reclaim Mallorca. Reclaim Mallorca is a company that makes one-of-a-kind, custom, sustainable bags. These bags vary from backpacks to t

ote bags, and my personal favorite, the duffle bags. Each bag is handmade and made up of recycled material; the straps, the stitching, the double lining of the bag, all quality constructed. The recycled material comes from a variety of excess fabric in which the team can get their hands on. In particular, when people abandon property, artwork and precious glass get sold, but furniture with outdated prints and curtains are left behind. As well as gathering fabric from upholstery centers with excess fabric and even designers who may have unused fabric that they don’t intend on using anymore. All of these recycled materials are perfect for repurposing and to be revamped into a durable bag.

By shopping sustainably, everyone is contributing to creating this growing community that is becoming more conscious in their spending as well as what they are buying, what it is made of, and where it comes from. If you have a business of your own, consider hiring seamstresses, screen printers, and other manufacturers locally. As well, try and source out your Materials locally before considering to outsource. For those who do more personal shopping than bulk or wholesale shopping, consider supporting your local entrepreneurs and even other entrepreneurs who are doing the work for you of obtaining eco-friendly materials and resources to suffice your everyday needs. A lot of times, many people shop for convenience, mother nature has a habit of making it convenient for us to enjoy our weekend on beautiful days. Now let’s pay the favor forward and be conscious of ways we are attacking or can help the earth itself and all that it supplies for us. Remember this month is the month of honoring nature, let’s do just that.

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