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HayStackMujer is a global media platform who welcomes all sorts of artists from cities near and far of the east bay. HayStackMujer is a community that started in Hayward, CA, by a San Jose State Alumni. The young Queen who discovered HayStackMujer is Rosaura. She travels through multiple cities supporting artists all over. HayStackMujer invited Recognize Royalty to their headquarters to discuss what it’s like being young entrepreneurs in your own home town.

Rosaura's talent and passion for music and art has her on a determined journey to continue to discover likeminded individuals. Anyone who is starting any sort of business, getting into music or producing videos, for the first time, HaystackMujer can help. Rosaura has so much love for what she considers her home city, Hayward, California. Due to the gentrification happening all throughout the Bay Area it is extremely important that we show how much culture, history, creatives, and hard workers we have within our own roots.

We hope you enjoy this video where we talk about; growing a business, becoming entrepreneurs, giving back to communities, as well as mental health.

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