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Updated: Mar 29

We are not the minority, in fact, we are the majority. Many times when choosing “minority” it is because we are Asian, Pacific Islander, Indian, Native American, Hispanic, Latino, basically anything but white. Why is that? When in fact We Are Not the Minority. Let’s look at the protest to overturn the capital versus the protests for justice for the lives lost by police officers. The protests and demonstration comparison alone proves that we are not the minority. We are stronger, louder, and more powerful than what people like to admit.

Imani from New Jersey has created this clothing brand We Are Not the Minority. The brand’s logo is a Greater than symbol ( > ) over the percentage symbol ( % ) to symbolize that “we are greater than any percentage or any category society puts us in”. We are greater than the odds. We are greater in power. We are great. “Unity is Everything” the great Imani has continuously stated.

This woman is a Queen in the city of New Jersey. She is raising two young ladies to be strong, vocal, and loving to everyone to all human beings. It is important that we educate the youth, our peers, our community, that we are powerful. The future of her daughters, your children, your siblings, everyone in 2021 is what keeps Imani going with the brand, Not the Minority. In the future, Imani wishes to be able to leave the message of her brand “We are not the minority” and how powerful we are. This is a message that needs to live on and keep going even after we transition.

To anyone who has a passion for something or want to start something new, go for it. Imani says, “Go for it. Believe in yourself. Believe in your mission- believe in your brand. If you rock with yourself and rock with what you stand for, that’s all that matters.” Every day we have to remind ourselves that we are powerful, that we are needed in this world that we do matter. Remind yourself why you take the actions you do. Remind yourself that you are Royalty.

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