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♛ Queen of the Seams ♛

Come meet the Miami based Alterations Specialist: Hilliary

Hilliary has had the amazing opportunity of working for the store Kleinfeld. Sound familiar? I bet you’ve heard of the show, “Say yes to the Dress.” This Queen, Hilliary, did the alterations for the store. Kleinfeld has only one store, and that one store is featured on TLC, so you know her work is impeccable.

Following receiving her degree in fashion design, Hilliary landed a job working for Nordstrom’s flagship stores, which are their highest volume and standardized stores. Translation: busiest, well kept, the lead store in their retail chain. Her work has impressed many heavy hitters. Hilliary is now a full-time entrepreneur working for herself for a year and a half.

Hilliary is currently working on a project she calls "A Princess Dream." She is currently on the mission to collect a donation of prom dresses for young ladies whose families may not be able to afford one. Three lucky ladies will be receiving custom-made dresses by Hilliary herself. In the effort to do so, she is also collecting donations for the supplies it takes to make 3 full gowns. Whether you’re’ donating a dress, materials, spreading the word to help collect dresses or even donating via go-fund-me, all donations are accepted and appreciated.

The three randomly selected winners will not only receive a custom-made prom dress by Hilliary, but also their make-up, nails, and hair will be slayed as well.

By providing her services, she wants people to know that everyone is beautiful inside and out, despite what we may go through in life. Just what our brand stands for, Recognize the Royalty within, we are not our current situation, it’s just a part of our journey. Even when we have our low vibration days, we can still dress ourselves up to concur the day. Those of us who have been homeless, in a domestic violent relationship, physically or emotionally abused, we have to remember that we are more than our experiences.

What I love about Hilliary, and something many of us can relate to, is that Hilliary

wants to be the woman and the resource that she didn’t have, but very much needed. As she grows her business, Hilliary plans to have group sessions and provide the support young women and individuals go through, when in a toxic environment that lacks a support system. Until then, Hilliary is networking to build up a team of women who can help navigate young individuals who may be "getting it out the mud". Let’s stop glorifying getting it out the mud, and let’s start building a foundation where our future generations, don’t need to even be in the mud and start off even stronger and stable.

Click here to donate to the Princess Dream Project

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Hilliary the Nail Tech on IG - @bellevalleenails

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