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Vanity Pl8Story

rista Polo is a podcaster who shares the stories behind those custom vanity license plates that we drive behind or pass by in the parking lot. In a room full of hundreds of people, In a clubhouse conversation, I introduced myself and Recognize Royalty and all that we provide. Trista took an interest and wanted to know more about the brand. After doing some research of my own,

I learned how Trista aligns with Recognize Royalty in the sense of empowering individuals to recognize their own self-worth. Trista has her own website where there are resources for us all. Trista has her own health-wealth and beauty business as well so she's a fell serial-preneur. Those in which she surrounds herself with along with daily meditation is what keeps her grounded and motivated on a day-to-day.

When Trista learned about Recognize Royalty a little more in-depth, she asked if I had a vanity plate. To be honest, I didn’t know what one was. I just called them “Custom plates.’ To her surprise I actually do. Though it was a journey trying to order one, waiting over 8 months for my license plate to arrive, I am finally the proud owner of my vanity plate.

I wanted to share this with my audience because, even when you don’t think your story means anything, someone can always learn from it. You are inspiring people, you don’t even know are watching. You and your story matter.

Trista’s IG:@TristaPolo

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