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Updated: May 11


GAMS Global Solutions Inc.

July 16th - 18th

Atlanta, Georgia

Vending Business Owners - B2B - B2C - Technology Interactive Customer Service

Do you know someone looking to build a legacy for their family? Do you know of anyone who is searching for residual income with little management required? Are you someone coachable? VendCon21 is a convention for vending machine owners and aspiring vending machine owners. The convection will be hosted in Atlanta, Georgia, July 16th - 18th of 2021.

In a conversation hosted by “Black Girls Do”, the founder of a vending machine owner herself, Kaya Mason. Kaya brought up the fact that she is on a roll of creating residual income for her family. Though Kaya has a traditional 9-5 as an educator, she is also accumulating income just being at home, with family, not paying much mind or maintenance to the vending machines she has posted at various locations in her city.

The very first vending machine was live to the public in the 1800s selling cigarettes.

At the start of 2020 Kaya rushed over to the grocery store to pick up some essentials before for the lockdown. When reaching the entrance, Kaya was stopped because she forgot to wear her mask. When Kaya asked if she could purchase one, the employee mentioned how you cannot even go inside to look without a mask. Kaya had no other option, but to drive back to the house, grab a mask, and head back to the crowded grocery store. When Kaya forgot her mask, she found herself a problem. The solution to her problem was providing vending machines for individuals to quickly shop for essentials. Owning a vending machine is literally a metal box sitting there collecting money for you, while you run your kingdom/queendom at home or at a distance.

Once you have come across the solution to someone’s problem there is a community of vending machine owners who come together to encourage and help each other in the industry. Kaya has a mentor from Detroit Michigan, but for the most part, is a self-taught vending machine owner. April 1st Kaya started her course and finished by April 12th. Kaya was then able to launch her own business in May 2020. Her first vending machine went live in a major mall in Atlanta, GA. As people started to see and hear about the industry, Kaya began consulting other aspiring vendor owners to help them succeed, as well. Kaya is full of information; such as prime locations, cost if any on particular locations, getting your machine where it needs to be, and more. Kaya teaches people who to move and function like a CEO; pricing products when to pull out the money made, and just setting up your business in the industry as a whole.

VendCon21 will teach you how to increase their vending business success by 3 times! Those attending VendCon are open to learning ways and opportunities to scale their business and begin that journey of creating generational wealth for their families. Come out and meet like-minded entrepreneurs who too are looking to get into the industry. To those who have even the slightest interest in becoming a vending machine owner; “Throw away the fear, you must invest in yourself in order to grow.” -Kaya Mason “Throw the fear away, and just do it. If you don’t have the money saved, start saving it.” -Kaya As mentioned, Kaya is a mentor to vending machine owners at all levels, there are groups and communities you can also join to help your business flourish.

Tap in with Kaya or Click the link below to reserve your space at VendCon21. Kaya's Instagram


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