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March Madness

There is no better way to start off March Madness than with the Bay Area Jersey Head Rez. You can check out Rez on Instagram or even better, on YouTube. His YouTube channel is . On there you will find Rez rocking some Recognize Royalty apparel in one of his previous videos. Go ahead and run up his views, especially on that Royalty video. Also, show even more love by subscribing to the channel of this Bay Area native.

Rez talks a lot about quite a bit; authentic sneakers, sports, but more specifically jerseys from all over. This man has a variety of jerseys and teams he supports, represents, or even just has because of the color combination. He refers to himself as a “Jersey Head” due to his growing jersey collection, and the knowledge and history behind each jersey. Rez purchased his first jersey off of eBay, which sparked something within him to share it with an audience.

Rez began his YouTube channel in 2006 and recently hopped back into it. When Rez made his first jersey video he found other YouTube creators who shared the same interest and wanted to connect. [He is one of the nicest guys so do not hesitate to reach out.] People reached out from all around the US, and even overseas, in Spain, and more. The ability to make connections and a community started to basically fall in his lap, unexpectedly. In 2018 Rez returned to YouTube with the niche of sneakers and jerseys. It was a teeter-totter between creating videos on sneakers and videos on jerseys. The sneaker industry is started to become cluttered with resellers, hiking up prices to ridiculous amounts, which is making the sneaker game, not as fun and more so another bill due to the current hype. Whereas the love and fun of jerseys is still going strong

During quarantine, Rez spent quite a bit on jerseys. He did miss convictions all over. but he still managed to stay busy. Rez being so into sports, he surrounds himself around a community that talks about sports and jerseys, but also indirectly, these individuals are doing mental health check-ups on one another just by showing up and seeing where everyone is at in life, their new purchases, and more. When entering this community Rez didn't even have a large collection at the time but enjoyed being a part of the conversation with like-minded individuals. Rez continues to create videos and contribute to these communities to inspire other individuals to do whatever is it that they enjoy; whether it be collection jerseys or to get up in front of a camera and talk about something you love and enjoy.

It's important that we recognize what we love and what makes us happy. The same thing that makes you happy may/will not make your mom or best friend happy. That being said, there is so much to get into sports, food, traveling, whatever it may be surround yourself with like-minded people, even if that means expanding your circle or having multiple circles. Go after your goals, dreams, and happiness and go crazy about it. This march madness I challenge you to do something you love but have been hesitant to do in life.

Rez's Instgram

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