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Recognize Royalty was created by a young Queen who had a dream. She wanted to do more than just dream, but to live her most authentic life, the way she wanted, all while inspiring, encouraging, and helping those around her. Recognize Royalty is to remind people to not let that flame within themselves die.

Wearers of the Royalty coats are supporters, and advocates for the wild and outrageous dreamers. Royalty ambassadors are free-spirited, we embrace authenticity, we are nonjudgmental, and we are willing to lend a hand.

As a Royalty brand ambassador, you will receive invitations to VIP brand events, ambassador discount codes, as well as access to exclusive networking opportunities.

Ambassadors Requirements:

  • -Be subscribed to Recognize Royalty

  • -Follow on Instagram

  • -Follow on Facebook

-Submit your info below

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