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Recognize Royalty is searching to support those who suffer from mental and emotional abuse. It is important to shine a light on the topic, and how relevant it is to people who are; less famous than the current celebrity or those who commit crimes. A lot of people who suffer from mental illness go under the radar or just try to avoid the stigma that comes with being diagnosed with such an illness. But when ignoring mental illnesses of the youth and young adults their actions, thoughts, and behavior are often questioned. The contribution to mental illness and honoring royalty who may be going through such; is a current project Recognize Royalty is working on. 

It important to the brand to remind those to Know Your Worth.

"You matter, and are worth more than the circumstance/situation that they are in. "

Recognize Royalty respected and recognizes the work that De-Bug Silicon Valley does for its community. They have created a mural for those who have lost their lives to the Santa Clara Police Department. De-Bug meets with families who are fighting to relieve their loved ones from the criminal justice system. This organization is extremely passionate about maintaining San Jose, and keeping the San Jose here. The gentrification in the city continues to intensify, and De-Bug is fighting every battle of the way to assure the San Jose natives are not displaced to cities further out.

De-Bug is also a place where the creative mind is encouraged. Everyone is welcomed to De-Bug. De-Bug is a multimedia storytelling organization where you’re able to create; art, music, videos, magazine articles, and even books! The opportunities here are nearly endless, again if the source is not physically there, De-Bug has so many amazing people who are able to point you in the right direction.

You’re more than welcome to click here to get to know De-Bug a little more.

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